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JEXPO 2013 solved question paper

JEXPO 2013 solved question paper | Download Print JEXPO question solution

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JEXPO means Joint Entrance Examination for Polytechnic. West Bengal Council of Technical Education (W.B.C.T.E) conducted the JEXPO examination every year for selecting students to admission various Polytechnic college in West Bengal. From last year Poly 40 was abolished from the entrance system. So, total 100% seats are filled up by JEXPO examination. This year JEXPO examination was conducted 19th June 2013. You can compare your answer with the answer given in my blog.
1. If the wavelength of sound wave increases the pitch of sound
Ans.: (A) Decreases
2. A metallic wire of specific resistance s is stretched in such a way that its length is doubled and area of cross section is halved. Then the specific resistance of the wire will be
Ans.:(B) s/2
3. If a glass prism is placed inside water then its dispersive power
(B) Decreases
4. In case of vibration the restoring force is
Ans.:(A) proportional to displacement
5. A current is passed through a conducting spring. Then the spring
Ans.:(D) remain unchanged
6. The ratio of the masses of two body P and Q is 1:8 and the ratio of the kinetic energy is 2:1, then the ratio of their momentum is
Ans.: (C) 4:1
7. A space-craft of mass M moving with velocity v in space explodes and reaks into pieces. After the explosion a mass m of the space-craft is left statiobnary. The velocity of the other part is
Ans.: (B) Mv/(M-m)
8. The resultant of two vectors of magnitudes 3 unit and 4 unit is 5 unit. The angel between the two vectors is
Ans.: (A) π/2
9. If the weight of a body is 9.8 kg then the mass of the body is
Ans.: (C) 9.8 kg
10. The dimension of specific gravity is
11. A body of mass 10kg is falling vertically with uniform velocity. What is the resisting force of air?
Ans.: (C) 10 kg-wt
12. If the electronic charge is 1.6 x 10-19 C, then the number of electrons passing through a section of wire per second, when the wire carries a current 2A, is
Ans.: (A) 1.25 x1017
13. The kinetic energy of a body of mass m is E. The momentum of the body is
Ans.: (B) √(2mE)
14. Image formed by a plane mirror is always
Ans.:(C) virtual and of same size
15. The minimum distance between the source and the reflector, so that an echo is heard is approximately equ; to (velocity of sound in air 332 m/s)
Ans.: (B) 16.6 m
16. A constant force acts on two particles of masses 4kg and 16 kg during which both of them travel a dsitance of s meter. Both particles were initially at rest and they started off at the same time. The ratios of the speeds attained by them is
Ans.: (C) 2:1
17. If the acceleration due to gravity g, is about 10 m/s2 near the surface of the earth, then at the center of the earth g would have an approximate value of
Ans.: (A) Zero
18. In case of an prism, the angel of deviation is greater for
Ans.: (A) violet
19. Two resistances are joind in parallel whose resultant is 6/5 Ω. One of the resistance wires is broken and the effective resistance becomes 2 Ω. The resistance in ohm of the wire that got broken is
Ans.: (B) 3 Ω
20. The molar gas constant is the same for all gases because, at the same pressur and temperature, equal volumes of all gass have the same
Ans.: (C) number of molecules
21. If the object is placed at 2f from a convex lens, then
Ans.: (A) a real image is formed at 2f on the other side
22. Which one of the following instrument can be regard as non-ohmic resistance
Ans.: (C) diode valve
23. Among the moving particles (α, β, γ particle), which one or which ones are not deflected by the magnetic field?
Ans.: (D) γ particle
24. An object is placed infornt of two plane mirrors which are perpendicular to each other. The number of images that can be seen by an observer is
Ans.: (D) Infinite
25. 540 gm of ice at 0°C mixed with 540 gm of water at 80°C. The final temperature of the mixer is
Ans.: (B) 40°C
26. Three resistance each of 4 ohm are connected to form an equilateral triangle. The equivalent resistance between any two corner is
Ans.: (D) 8/3 ohm
27. 92U235, 92U238 differ as
(C)92U235 has three neutrons less
28. Two bulbs when connected in parallel to a source, take 60 W each, The total power consumed when they are connected in series with the same source is
Ans.: (C) 60 W
29. A train moving with a speed of 36 km/hr takes 14 sec to cross a bridge of length 100m. The length of the train is
Ans.: (B) 60 m
30. The rate of radioactive disintegration increases
Ans.: (A) with the increase of temperature
31. When a person uses a convex lens as a simple magnifying glass, the object must be placed at a distance
Ans.:(A) less than the focal length
32. The end product of radioactive decays is
Ans.: (B) lead
33. When a vapor condenses into liquid
Ans.:(B) it rejects heat
34. One surface of a lens is convex and the other is concave. If radii of curvature are r1 and r2 respectively, then the lens will be convex if
Ans.: (C) r1<r2
35. An object is placed at a distance of f/2 from a convex lens of focal length f. The image will be
Ans.: (C) at 2f, vertual and erect
36. A motor cycle and a car are moving on a horizontal road with same velocity. If they are brought to rest by the application of brakes, which provided equal retardation, then
Ans.: (C) both will stop at a same distance
37. Choose the correct sequence of substance which is ordered in an increasing order of forces of attraction between the particles
ans.:(D) Oxygen, Water, Sugar
38.In a Tsunami, the entire ocean, form the surface to the bottom, participate in the wave motion. For such waves, the wave speed is given by v=√(gh) where g is the acceleration due to gravity and h=3.0 Km is the depth of the ocean surface. A Tsunami has been detected at a point 250 Km from the shore. How much time would it take to reach the shore
Ans.:(C) 24 Minutes
39. A thin wire of resistance 4 Ω is bent to form a circle. The resistance across any diameter is
Ans.: (C) 1 Ω
40. The note middle C played om a piano differs from middle C played on a violin because of a difference in
Ans.: (D) harmonics
41. A batch of five resistors have the same value. The Ratio of the maximum and the minimum resistance that can be made out of them
Ans.: (D) 25:1
42. Which device would most likely be classified as a load in an electrical circuit?
Ans.: (B) Light bulb
43. At what common temperature a wooden block and a metallic block would be felt equally cold or equally hot when touched?
Ans.: (C) If the temperature of both the blocks equal the temperature of the person touching them
44. The densities of two substances are the ratio 2:3 and their specific heats are in the ratio 4:3. Their thermal capacities per unit volume are in the ratio
Ans.: (C) 8:9
45. The freezing point on a thermometer is marked 30° and the boiling point is marked as 180°. The reading of the thermometer at 50°C is
46. In a nuclear reactor for control rod we use
Ans.: (D) Cadmium
47. At STP amoung 32 gm of SO2,22 gm of CO2 and 17 gm of H2O gas
Ans.: (C) SAll gases have equal number of molecules
48. Ideal gas equation for 1 mole of ideal gas is PV=RT, the SI unit of universal gas constant R is
Ans.: (C) J Kg-1K-1
49. Two plane mirrors are inclined to each other at an angle θ. A ray of light is reflected first at one mirror and then at the other. The total deviation of the ray is
Ans.: (A) 2θ
50. Two resistance 1 Ω and 3 Ω are connected parallel and the combination is connected to a 2 volt source. The ratio of electric current through the resistance will be
Ans.: (B) 3:1n
Answer (chemistry) And Mathematics Click here
You also can get the Mathematics Part Answer key from:

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Q)In case of vibration the restoring force is
Ans) (A) proportional to displacement. (Vibration is a too and fro motion,so it always coming back to its original position after a complete vibration,so it is proportional to displacement)
Q) A body of mass 10 kg is falling vertically with uniform velocity.what is the resisting force of air?
Ans (A) 0 (air cannot produce any resisting force of a free falling object)
Q)In case of a prism,the angle of deviation is greater for
Ans (A) Violet (Google search it and see the explanation or open your book and see the picture,you will see the maximum deviation in violet)

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