Thursday, 1 September 2016

Diagram of a digital computer and various part of a Digital computer


Block Diagram of a Digital Computer
Block diagram of Von New man digital computer
Input device : In put device is the device by which we can send some thing (data) to computer from out side of the computer. Example of input Device : Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, light pen, joystick etc.

input device
Image of different types of input device (Mouse, Joystick, Scaner, Game Keyboard )
Out put device : This device send the result done by the computer to the outer world or to the user (out side the computer). Example: Monitor,Printer, Speaker etc.
output device Monitor, Speaker, printer
Image of different types of Output device (Monitor, Speaker,Printer, Leaser Printer)

Memory : Mainly Computer has two types of memory. i) Main or primary memory---High speed memory used to control the data input or output speed with the processor speed. Size of main memory is small. Cost is high.
ii) Secondary Memory : Speed of this memory is slow. But We can use a vest amount of secondary memory to story long size data. Cost of Secondary memory is low.

Example: main memory --- RAM / ROM (Random access memory / Read only memory )
Random Access Memory, Main Memory
Image of different types RAM (Random Access Memory)
                Secondary Memory : HDD (Hard disk Drive), FDD (Floppy Disk Drive), Pen drive, Memory Chip etc.

There is another type of super speed memory called CASH Memory. It is kind of Main memory (Some body called cash memory is a main memory, some body called CASH memory is a new type of memory. But from my view it is main memory ).

CPU : Central Processing Unit is the hart of the Computer. With out CPU computer is nothing. It is a chip or IC (Integrated Circuit). Control control the whole process of the computer. It has two  main part

i) CU (Control Unit) : This part generate the control signal for all device which is connected with a computer.

Central Processing Unit or CPU or Microprocessor
Image of different types of Intel processor
ii) ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) : All types of calculation ( like ADD, SUB,DIV,MULT, OR,AND etc)   done in this unit.

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